Don't chase every project – track the right ones

Construction’s market intelligence platform that maximizes how you discover, research, and action new projects with real-time data

A laptop display of the Mercator AI platform showcasing an industrial project with a development permit and building permit


The first construction market intelligence platform

Get a clear picture of who's working with who, on what, and when

Identify new projects, early on

Evaluate projects using critical information like project type, permits, zoning, and description to easily find what's relevant

Centralize research for business development

Search millions of enriched data points in a single platform to simplify your research efforts

Evaluate new and existing markets

Access maps and detailed project and company details to step into new markets faster or become prolific where you are

An icon of people sharing an idea represented by a lightbulb

Improve relationship development

Use a directory of companies to access details like contacts, recent activity, projects, and emerging trends


We mine, analyze, and transform millions of industry data points into early opportunities

A diagram of the different data sources that go into the Mercator platform, which includes real estate and land transactions, permits, applications, and filings, imagery and construction activity, company profiles and contacts, and project and company history.

We don’t track construction projects, we track land development and all of the micro activities that happen throughout the lifecycle of a plot of land.


Screenshots of the Mercator AI platform highlighting the filtering and search capabilities

Find the right projects

Discover what you don’t already know

Find projects at viable stages by filtering for specific stages of development

Granular filters narrow down to only the most suitable projects

Automate your searches and get emailed new projects as soon as they appear

Access real-time project data

Reveal deeper project intel, all-in-one place

See who’s involved on a project already, or opportunities not yet filled

Access documents and applications directly from the platform

Get notified when new information is updated or project statuses change

Screenshots of the Mercator AI platform highlighting the details of an autobody shop construction
Screenshots of the Mercator AI platform highlighting a company profile with their active projects, operating locations, industry, annual revenue, and number of employees

Maximize pursuits with existing connections

Explore company profiles

Access company details to explore a contact’s active and past projects, who they commonly work with, and a breakdown of trends

Track clients, prospects, and consultants and get notified of early signals on new projects

Fillmore Construction Logo

"With Mercator, I can get all that information in one place. For me, it’s all about efficiency. Eliminating steps and the need for additional resources – this frees up time and overheads.”

Headshot of James Behnke, 
Business & Project Development Manager of Fillmore Construction

James Behnke

Business & Project Development Manager

DIRTT Construction Systems Logo wordmark

"It really allows us to parse the data, analyze it, and then make our decisions - we can put through some very quality leads to the reps out in the field. So yes, I am a fan."

Headshot of Steve Thomson
Senior Manager of Business Development of DIRTT

Steve Thomson

Senior Manager of Business Development

Krawford Construction Logo

"I can quickly and easily take 30 seconds to scan the emails and see if there is anything worth looking into or pursuing. It allows me to quickly move on with my day, and put what new projects are important to us front and centre without spending a lot of time."

Headshot of Noel Broughton
Project Manager/Director of Business Development of Krawford Construction

Noel Broughton

project Manager/Director of Business Development

Chandos Construction Logo

"If I have one coffee meeting, I might walk away with two leads in an hour. If I'm on Mercator, I could find five leads in an hour."

Headshot of Zach Moe, Director of Business Development of Chandos Construction

Zach Moe

Director of Business Development


Start Alberta
October 11, 2023

On October 11, 2023, Chloe Smith of Mercator AI was recognized with the Most Promising Founder Award as part of the 2023 Start Alberta Tech Awards.

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The Toronto Star
August 29, 2023

Mercator AI’s platform helps speed up contractors and real estate brokers, reducing months of legwork down to a handful of clicks.

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The first construction market intelligence platform

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