Don't chase every project
– track the right one

Tired of finding new projects too late? Say goodbye to the chaos of hunting and enhance business development with real-time industry data. software shown on a laptop featuring construction projects in Austin, TX
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Research, discover, and stay ahead of early opportunities

Our solution analyzes industry activities to track land development over time, providing real-time data on emerging opportunities and competitive landscapes.

Processing and AI

We process and ingest this information daily using robust data pipelines. Our platform leverages machine learning and AI models to create insights you can action effortlessly.

Data Sourcing

We collect and analyze market data to make critical information accessible. We offer insights for locations in North America including Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Toronto ON, Vancouver BC, and Austin, TX.

Turn weeks of research into minutes.

Early project detection made easy

Designed for relationship-based business development teams

Generate early deal flow

Discover viable opportunities early and manage pre-CRM deals in one place

  • Spot projects early before they’re known

  • Get notifications for swift action on new leads.

  • Find decision makers early and increase your chances of winning.

Quickly research pursuits

Access critical details, filter by criteria, and receive tailored suggestions - all in one place

  • Instantly filter projects to pinpoint relevant opportunities faster

  • Reuse searches to automatically find future projects that match your criteria

  • Organize projects based on relevance to cut through the noise faster

Increase revenue exposure

Shed light on unknowns and proactively engage connections to expand your reach

  • Uncover unknown projects and qualify faster to focus on what’s driving revenue

  • Establish connections early and grow your market presence

  • Stay on top of client activity to proactively get involved in new work

Fillmore Construction Logo

"With Mercator, I can get all that information in one place. For me, it’s all about efficiency. Eliminating steps and the need for additional resources – this frees up time and overheads.”

Headshot of James Behnke, 
Business & Project Development Manager of Fillmore Construction

James Behnke

Business & Project Development Manager

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"It really allows us to parse the data, analyze it, and then make our decisions - we can put through some very quality leads to the reps out in the field. So yes, I am a fan."

Headshot of Steve Thomson
Senior Manager of Business Development of DIRTT

Steve Thomson

Senior Manager of Business Development

Krawford Construction Logo

"I can quickly and easily take 30 seconds to scan the emails and see if there is anything worth looking into or pursuing. It allows me to quickly move on with my day, and put what new projects are important to us front and centre without spending a lot of time."

Headshot of Noel Broughton
Project Manager/Director of Business Development of Krawford Construction

Noel Broughton

project Manager/Director of Business Development

Chandos Construction Logo

"If I have one coffee meeting, I might walk away with two leads in an hour. If I'm on Mercator, I could find five leads in an hour."

Headshot of Zach Moe, Director of Business Development of Chandos Construction

Zach Moe

Director of Business Development

Help us build the the next great intelligence offering in construction

Working with a startup = a partnership. Our customers get a hands-on approach to ensure they get value while influencing our products to get even more.

Quick and easy setup

Hit the ground running with a custom Mercator instance tailored to your interests

Ongoing training

Book training calls to start using the platform quickly and stay on top of new features

Dedicated support

Check-in with a success manager for troubleshooting and education.

Influence innovation

Impact our roadmap and future offerings with direct feedback on our product

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Canadian-based tech company has announced it is expanding into the U.S., starting with Texas. The company is locating first in Austin, due to the city's continued construction boon.

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Mercator's visionary founder Chloe Smith joins us to unravel this tech enigma, sharing her unique transition from data strategy in marketing to revolutionizing project opportunity detection with AI.

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August 29, 2023’s platform helps speed up contractors and real estate brokers, reducing months of legwork down to a handful of clicks.

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