How to Find Texas Construction Projects EARLY and FAST

General Contractors! AI Can Help you Be the FIRST to Know and the FIRST to Win

On Thursday, June 27th and our partner, the Austin Chapter of Associated General Contractors (AGC) joined forces to share the power of AI in solving one of the most frequent and costly pain points general contractors face: finding new and viable projects too late. Or worse, losing weeks chasing dead-ends because you don’t know who’s involved, their relationships, or up-to-date project details.

Phil Thoden, Austin AGC Chapter President, kicked off the How to Find Texas Projects EARLY and FAST webinar and highlighted the role AI-powered business development plays in boosting business for general contractors with real-time market knowledge on emerging and active projects. Phil emphasized the value of streamlining the process of detecting and qualifying new viable construction projects, along with details of who’s involved at every step.

We also shared that the partnership offers a 20% discount for AGC members.

Chloe Smith, Founder, dove into the AI-powered business development tool designed for the construction industry and demonstrated 5 key benefits:

  • Aggregating and streamlining word-of-mouth construction with real-time data and knowledge.
  • Using AI to quickly unqualify and qualify leads, significantly improving prospecting speed.
  • Expediting relationship connections by accessing vital knowledge - and prepare for meetings so you’re adding value right away.
  • Reducing windshield time by using the map to find all you need to know about active and emerging projects.
  • Automating project movement updates and new intel into your inbox based on your customized project profiles.

According to our participants, Austin Construction community, through the webinar survey, the most valuable aspects of using AI to secure new construction projects are:

  1. “Finding out who’s involved early and fast” (90% voted “most valuable”)
  2. “Real-time data to detect early project signals” (80% voted “most valuable”)

The use of AI in business development in construction is in its infancy! And yet, those who are embracing it early are solving one of the most frequent and costly pain points their businesses face: missing out on new opportunities because they’re too late.

14:40 - Demo Overview 
15:12 - Unqualifying and qualifying your pipeline
20:16 - Vital knowledge so you’re in the right conversations, with the right people, right from the start
21:48 - Reduce windshield time with smart maps: all you need to know about emerging & active projects
26:34 - Finding unknown and/or new viable projects 
30:25 - Automated searches and email alerts

We’d love to know what benefits you ranked highest! Please drop me a line  😀 

Jacquie Amacher, Fractional CMO, jacquie

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