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About Krawford Construction 

Krawford Construction is a Canadian-based general contractor that provides construction management and design/build methods of delivery. They're known for providing a wide range of services, including new buildings, sophisticated renovations, concrete construction, restoration projects, industrial projects, schools and educational institutions, and medical and dental facilities have emerged as company specialties. 

The Challenge

Irrelevant intelligence from delayed access to information

Noel Broughton, Project Manager/Director of Business Development, and Justin Litun, Project Manager at Krawford Construction, faced a series of practical challenges as they juggle multiple roles in the competitive world of construction.

Wearing multiple hats and being responsible for various areas of the business left them with limited time and resources for network development. When they did have the time to dedicate to business development, they relied on databases, subscription services for permits, and public procurement sites, but these sources often provided outdated information. Updates were infrequent, leaving them with project details that were often no longer relevant by the time they accessed them.

The Solution

A real-time project activities database 

Krawford Construction first learned about Mercator through its involvement with the Alberta Construction Association.

The value that stood out most to Krawford was the extensive project database and real-time updates. The ability to quickly and easily manipulate data using their custom criteria was an "ah-ha" moment for the team. Unlike their previous sources, Mercator's data was continuously updated, providing current and actionable information. 

"The amount of information and visibility of what's going on stood out to me right away, and we could interact with these projects quickly. I also liked how frequently the information was updated and it wasn't outdated or stale information - Mercator constantly populates new information, it's not a once-a-month data dump, it's updated daily. This is current, fast, quick, and easy information. Seeing stuff in real time is helpful." 
Noel Broughton, Project Manager/Director of Business Development

Proactively identifying new projects and opportunities

Noel and Justin use Mercator's custom email digests as a part of their weekly routine to identify new projects. These email digests have streamlined project awareness by automatically notifying them of new projects that match their criteria. They scan these emails for promising projects that catch their eye, allowing them to focus on and action high-potential opportunities quickly. 

"I can quickly and easily take 30 seconds to scan the emails and see if there is anything worth looking into or pursuing. It allows me to quickly move on with my day, and put what new projects are important to us front and center without spending a lot of time. We don't have to drop this important task of finding new businesses off of our plate anymore because Mercator is so much faster."
Justin Litun, Project Manager

Expanding knowledge and improving networking efficiency 

Since adopting Mercator, Noel and Justin have informed conversations with architects, consultants, and professionals involved in relevant projects, making their networking efforts more efficient. 

The interactive map and project details consolidate essential information, including applications, drawings, permits, and involved companies, making it easier for Krawford to identify known connections and discover new potential business partners.

Noel, for example, learned about a project in Mercator that a consultant he knew was working on. During a casual conversation while playing golf, Noel mentioned the project, which allowed Krawford to enter the picture. This proactive approach led to discussions about possible collaborations that may not have happened otherwise.

"We've been able to use Mercator to keep up to date on the consultants that we do work with and strike up conversations with them. I [Noel] was golfing with one of our consultants, and I brought up projects I saw them working on that I found in Mercator and he asked us if we were interested in working these jobs. If I hadn't seen their company name on a project in Mercator, I would have never brought it up."

Noel Broughton, Project Manager/Director of Business Development

Collaborating to make a better Mercator

Working with the Mercator team has opened up a positive feedback loop for Krawford Construction. Mercator commits to consistent check-ins and implementation of user feedback, making the product easier to use and more relevant to the needs of the Krawford team.

"We had a session a week ago and the next Monday there was a product update email announcing you had implemented our suggestions. We're definitely seeing the feedback and It's nice to know Mercator is working hard to implement our suggestions." 

Noel Broughton, Project Manager/Director of Business Development

Since adopting Mercator, Noel and Justin have streamlined networking, engaged industry professionals efficiently, and embraced custom email digests for swift lead identification. Their partnership with Mercator isn't just about using a tool; it's a dynamic collaboration where user feedback shapes product improvements, ensuring they stay ahead in their quest for sustainable growth in both private and public sectors.

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