Find new listings before they’re built

As a real estate firm, you are committed to continually finding your next great listing and providing exceptional service for your existing clients. With, you can now discover who’s building the next listings and build relationships with key stakeholders to help secure tenants sooner.

Use Mercator To

Get ahead of new commercial and industrial development

Provide strategic area insights to your clients

Influence what should be built

The Problem We're Solving For Real Estate Firms

One of the biggest pain points we hear from real estate firms is that realtors are spending hours every day researching new developments and property updates. This time-consuming process is inefficient and pulls you away from time that could be spent selling, or building and advising client relationships.

Our Solution

Mercator's construction intelligence platform gives you access to early construction activity and neighboring development details at the stage of conception, so that you can secure new listings and new relationships earlier. 

Mercator also provides intelligence on developments surrounding your listings, helping you easily find out what’s up-and-coming so that you can give your clients the most accurate advice on what to build and who they should be building for.

Use Mercator To

Get Early Intel On Viable Opportunities

We’ve digitized word of mouth so that you never miss a beat on even the earliest project signals

Proactive Client Insights in Real-Time

Build stronger relationships with clients and consultants with greater intelligence on their portfolio of work and who they work with

Access Project Information All In One Place

Arm yourself with intel on every project with the detailed timeline of work, stakeholders involved, contact details, project materials, and real estate info

Gain Competitive Intelligence

Find out which projects your competitors are winning and sharpen your competitive edge

The first construction market intelligence platform

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