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We’re offering 30-day trials for companies committed to improving the way they find, track, and qualify new opportunities.

What makes you an ideal participant?

You haven’t been able to find the right solution, and you’re ready to be a part of building it.

Trialing a startup product = partnering with them, so we look for people interested in designing the next great intelligence offering in construction.

Mid to large general contractors

You have established revenue over $100M and are actively growing the organization.

Dedicated business development team

You have at least one full-time team member focused on relationship-based business development to build pursuit funnels.

Mandate to use data or AI for operational efficiency

You have initiatives to improve efficiency in business development or other back office teams.

Allocated budget to apply a solution

You have buy-in and budget to purchase a solution for the problems you’ve identified.

Unlock premium growth

Elevate your revenue potential with Mercator AI's construction market intelligence

Access exclusive data

We invest in exclusive data sources to ensure you have unprecedented access. Our platform prioritizes timely information crucial for and decision-making, giving you an unparalleled advantage with real-time data.

Drive revenue exposure

Our premium platform is results-driven. Our customers are seeing an increase in revenue opportunities by exposing more potential projects in their areas of expertise, or growth.

Accelerate results

Mercator AI, it's more than just a tool; it's a partnership focused on your success and building the most value. Our dedicated approach ensures every interaction contributes to your growth and building better products.

Fillmore Construction Logo

"With Mercator, I can get all that information in one place. For me, it’s all about efficiency. Eliminating steps and the need for additional resources – this frees up time and overheads.”

Headshot of James Behnke, 
Business & Project Development Manager of Fillmore Construction

James Behnke

Business & Project Development Manager

DIRTT Construction Systems Logo wordmark

"It really allows us to parse the data, analyze it, and then make our decisions - we can put through some very quality leads to the reps out in the field. So yes, I am a fan."

Headshot of Steve Thomson
Senior Manager of Business Development of DIRTT

Steve Thomson

Senior Manager of Business Development

Krawford Construction Logo

"I can quickly and easily take 30 seconds to scan the emails and see if there is anything worth looking into or pursuing. It allows me to quickly move on with my day, and put what new projects are important to us front and centre without spending a lot of time."

Headshot of Noel Broughton
Project Manager/Director of Business Development of Krawford Construction

Noel Broughton

project Manager/Director of Business Development

Chandos Construction Logo

"If I have one coffee meeting, I might walk away with two leads in an hour. If I'm on Mercator, I could find five leads in an hour."

Headshot of Zach Moe, Director of Business Development of Chandos Construction

Zach Moe

Director of Business Development

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